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 L & E Distributors are Your Professional Installers.

How many times have you bought Floor-Covering only to have it installed wrong...

Too many Stores Owners and Sales-People have never worked in the field, they have never installed any floor... So what make them know how to messure your job right?..Most Do Not.  The installers have sold and worked in the fields for years.  We Know how to messure your job, save you money...

 L & E has 37 years of Experience.  Residential /Commercial, Carpet, Tile, Wood, Vinyl. 

 It is Our Desire to make You a Very Satisfied Customer.

How many times have you bought the floor-covering from a store only to be told they measured it wrong and you need more Martial..this means more shipping. Your time and Money! Installers are Sub-Contractors, this means they set their hours, the date your job will be done...Not the stores, still they make you think it was a installers fault way your job was not done on time.

Stores do NOT warrant the martial...the Distributors do...

Stores are unable to keep Great Installers for ONE reason and one reason only.  They take a % of the labor money and call it a deposit on the warrant...This is not true, the installers will have to warrant their work.  The (Unwritten Clause) time is One( 1 ) year labor warranty.   Most stores will NOT tell you this... They will just say the installers did not do a Great Job the first time.  Sales People will Not tell you this for the fear of not selling the job. (Sales People  are Paid by Commision)

Here at L. & E.  You will get the low pricing on Martial, No mark-ups on Martial prices.. just so we can pay for the Labor..which is what the stores are doing, Mark Up on Martial.

The "FREE INSTALLATION" your hearing of, is NOT TRUE. This is one of the TRICKS the Stores Owners and Chains Stores are using to lure You in. The other ways stores are tricking the public is the " SF" versus the Per. yard.  If you take the sf and divide that by 9 you'll know how many yards you have.  they have just put your yards in Square feet and Your Money in Square Feet so it looks CHEAP!..most always you are paying more for that carpet or floor-covering. 

 ...No matter what they are saying, Your paying by the Yard.

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Need an Installer? Call: (580) 579-1534