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  • Let take it Step by Step...

Home owners, renters, business owners or agents.

*First as a potential customer, you should know your home, the foundation what is it made of?

*How long has the floor-covering you have now has been down, or maybe it's a new home. Still you should know the foundation.

*Now think about the area, or areas you will be covering. Is it high traffic or will the sun be shinning down on it, is it the kitchen, bathroom, if so more than likely there will be water on it.

*Always have a realistic budget set, I say this because many will not shop around. They are lead to believe that just because the "Chain Stores" has a well known name, you will be getting the "LOW PRICES" and best installation.

Most chain stores hire their jobs out just like the "Carpet Stores".

The Installers...(Sub-Contractors)

As a sub-contractor, we carry our own insurance, our tools, our vehicle, our supplies. We buy our glues, which are not cheap. our metal to put down on your job, or rubber, tack-strip, mud, milk, all these are are not free we buy them for the job, and it cost, the stores make off of us 30-40 % over their cost.

9 out 10 Sales-People have NEVER installed floors, they have no ideal what it takes, how long, how hard it is.

Most sales people will always be wrong on the measurements. You should always know how many Sf/yards you have to cover.

A installer can eye a job and tell you about what it will that, they will look under your floor-cover see if there are layers of floor-covering, to see what kind of foundation they will be working with. If there are cracks in the cement, or if the floors are too week, or if it is wood, see if there is rotting. (As always No-One can tell you UN-fore seen damages you may have through out until the covering is taken up.

So if you're not sure about what could be going on but have a notion that your floors are week in areas, or maybe water damage.

*You should move your furniture out pull back the covering, see for yourself. If there is a link, have a plumber come in and fix it first.

If the floor covering can be used again, than you will need to bring in heaters to dry it...if it's not damaged and is carpet you can always save money by drying the flooring yourself.



Move all furniture, Installers are not movers, they will change for moving, it takes time and strength. Just remember, you pay movers to move you. The installers are there to install


*If you are dealing with you bathroom, you should remove the toilet yourself, or have a license plumber to do this, installers are not plumbers, they will pull and sometimes re-install the toilet for a fee...but remember they WILL have to put in new rubber seals and sometime the toilet screws..they just get too old and wear out, most installers will not touch them because it time and their not licensed plumbers, and sometimes it just cost them the money they made from installing the floors for you. The stores are SO READILY to tell you they will take care of that..No they won't without being paid. So it's better for you to pull it and install it back or call a licensed plumber.

*If it's in your kitchen you should move ALL appliances, why you ask, the installer will change you for moving this items. Most will not touch your Ice-Box with ice-makers...9 out 10 water-lines will break! that has cost the the installers.

*They will not touch your washing machine and dryers, why? 9 out 10 the water-lines, hose, pipe will leak or break. too old, or even new ones, were they have been put on too tight. If a installer moves these items you should be present so if there is a break, they should have you sign paperwork, stating if there is a break we are not responsible for breaks. Why they are not movers. or plumbers.

*If you are having your living room re-covered, or new covering, you will need to unhook all TV satellites, DVDs, Stereos, phone, answering machines. Why? Installers are not electricians. I have had people expect me to re-install their satellites and the whole entertainment systems..lol..

Sorry, but as a consumer I would never ask a plumber to re-install my floors he just tore up to fix my plumbing.

  I hoping this make everyone understand. What installers go through on both sides , The store owner telling their customers don't worry they'll move that, they'll fix that for FREE, this is why stores can not keep GREAT installers, they are lying to the customers.

    Like the Ads that Lowe's, Carpet One, are putting out "FREE INSTALLATION" this is a LIE!, first they have no right to tell the public this and making it seem as the installers are not worth their pay...second, They do not set our pricing if they did than we would work for them and they would be liable to pay all the above.

*If you have Antiques you should always move them to a safe place. Do Not expect the installer to move them...You priceless items should have been put out of their way for installation.

*If you have a Freezer full of food or not please have someone move it, installers are not movers, they spend too time moving the house to install the floors, which is why they are there. Too many stores will tell you Oh they'll move it, no... most will not, they do not have the man power or right tools for moving.

*If you have a piano, Please have a Pro. move it, this is way too dangerous for installers to move.

Now most installers will walk the job with you, making sure there are no unseen damages, such as holes in the walls, broken furniture. This will insure the job goes smooth.

After you have taken all this in-account. You are ready to look at flooring.

Most have a budget, you do not?... Great! Still you should shop. All Matrial has Specs. A Great sale-person will always show you what you need.

A "Sales-Person" will always show you the high price items and tell you it's the best.


  Now as a customer you may have in mind what you are looking for. There is always a cheaper way of doing any job or the right way.

Remember wood floors will almost always need work, "ALL" floors need prep. Why? floors are not level, if it's new most have paint on them, dropping from other worker that will have to be scrap up. So the more you have ready the less you pay out, for installation.

  When it comes to buying, just remember, what are you covering, high traffic, the sun shining in, water area, wood floors, layers of flooring, concert.

  You can cover over 3 times, so if your flooring that has 3 layers...it's best for you to take up, the cost can be very priced. most of the times, installers do not get the money for the work.. stores keeps it.

You may ask yourself why would I tell you what I charge for up-front...It's the way it should be... No Hidden Cost.

I could give you 10 pages on what to do and not to do. If you still have questions, Please feel Free to E-mail me or leave a message on the site, I will be happy to answer all your questions.

We are looking forward in help you pick out your new floor-covering, or if your looking for Great Professional Installers?  We Are Here!