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Save Installers Jobs, STOP! Floor Covering Ads $99 to Install Full House

Posted by Lee on February 23, 2010 at 10:34 AM Comments comments (0)


We, the undersigned, call and urge our leaders {State Senator} to take action to STOP! Floor Covering Installation Ads TV, Radio Ads, Posters: {$99.00 or Less} For a Full House to be installed. Self-employed {Floor covering} Sub-Contractors Are Having to Work more for less money, Because of these Ads and Posters that Lowes, Carpet One are advertising. Now Mom & Pop Stores are saying they're having to drop Labor Prices. This is All a Lie to the Public. No installer can Afford to work for this Price, {$99.00} For a Full House to be installed.

We Live in Oklahoma already the labor Pricing is 25-30% lower & Now we have to deal with the stores hiring Other Minority/ Nationalities – Legal or Not. (I want to make this clear, I am not against any other nationality working in any field of their choice, as long as they agree to work for fair Labor Pricing, because if they are working for 3 times less… than we are out of a job.) Wither or not the stores owners are paying the installers more money than the $99’s … This has caused a “BIG” impact on self-employed sub-contractors. The Store is the Beneficiaries. They put the “Labor” price on the merchandise and STILL charge and take the $99.00 Installers supply their own tools, gas, vehicle, insurance, supplies to do a job, work clothes, SHOULD NOT installers be able to set their Labor Prices The Stores already takes 10% from them right off the top of their Check.

These Ads and Posters Should Be Taken Off the Air Wave, It has Cause the Installers & their Family not to be able to make a Living. These Ads Are Starving Installers and Is A Lie To The Public!


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